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  • Lucene.Net.Linq LINQ provider to run native queries on a Lucene.Net index
  • Klondike a NuGet package server on Lucene steroids
  • Vulcan Continuous Integration java web app


Spring Framework

  • SPRNET-1482 SpringControllerFactory returns null instance by default
  • SPRNET-1368 CacheResultAdvice may return incompatible objects
  • SPR-328 ProxyFactoryBean does not work with prototype advisors/interceptors


  • SOLR-1539 XPathEntityProcessor timeout when stream=true
  • SOLR-1332 Escape spaces in URLs in URLDataSource
  • SOLR-1265 URLDataSource variable resolver for initProps
  • SOLR-1244 JdbcDataSource uses wrong overload of getConnection

Jakarta Commons

  • IO-22 FileUtils.cleanDirectory throws NullPointerException when File.list() fails
  • LOGGING-34 ContextClassLoader may load Log impl from wrong context

Apache Maven

  • MNG-2884 MultipleArtifactsNotFoundException provides access to missing artifacts